“I Agree”

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dont stay stuck

more than a hammer to my head.

autumn about to end.

the blossom of spring spreading.

feels like heaven in the making.

to see that shell opening up —

slowly, gradually, inch by inch –

to that abyss full of possibilities.

at last – moving up.

don’t get stuck. a hammer to my head. ūüėČ


Be Consistently Aggressive (Bo Sanchez)

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Thanks to Youtube, I can constantly check on my idol’s talks. (Idol = Bo Sanchez).

And this night, I am reminded again ‘to be consistently aggressive’ – aagggrrresssivvee without being rude, without being pushy. One can still be gentle and Maria Clara (he knows somebody who’s like that) and yet aggressive.

Words from him to me: “You can achieve anything you…set on..as long as…you are committed.”

What an inspiration.

Thank you.


Because of my Fascination with Clouds.

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I can’t quite remember how it all started but yes – I have got addicted to clouds. Even when I was a kid, I used to look up to those cotton-shaped clouds and form an imaginary image (redundant woohoo!) out of them. And a story gets created inside the head of that little girl, characters fighting, punching, laughing, staring. Rollercoaster stories.

And because that fascination is back again, I have decided, “Why not make a category especially devoted to it?” And, like a kid, my heart is beating fast again (haha).

How excited I am to have cloud selfies!

So yes, I am devoting part of my blog to a picturesque of clouds.

Day, noon, night. Anytime of the day.

And I’ll call this my cloud-ish pleasures.

Hoorah to my first-ever cloudy post!

davao 2 davao 1

– – – – – – – – – – = = = = = = = = = = = = =¬† = = = = – – – – – – – – –

I took these while on the plane during our family trip to Davao last 2012. (So yes, this is also a throwback, flashback, kinda reminiscin’ post *winks*).

Honestly, I felt like I was in heaven with those very cotton-y, cumulus clouds.


Lesson 1: Face your Fears

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I was decluttering my cabinet hours ago when I stumbled – again – with my ‘special’ letter. I always feel good whenever I come across with that because it reminds me of my ‘past’. While reading, I was quite amused because (I can’t even remember doing this) I laid out ‘three’ lessons on that letter.

Lesson # 1: Face your fears.

Surprisingly, that lesson still serves me until now – though conditions have changed.

Back in school, all I’ve worried about was – yes, only school. Grades, teachers, projects. Majority concerns school. At that time, ‘that’ was already something to me.

Now, it is different. Circumstances have gone past another fence. New fears. And other unsettled fears.

But, with what I’ve written years ago, I need to punch my own head.

The letter is telling me (again): Do not worry too much. Face your fears. Pray pray and pray.


Lesson 2: Next time. Tada!

Pope Francis in the Philippines. And Some Realizations. January 2015.

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Writing this, I’m in a different country – working. (OFW, if you didn’t get it.)

I’m not in Pinas. But the Pope is.

20 years back, I remember Pope John Paul II. A¬†10-year-old learning “For God so loved the world…” heartily (yes, you see me). Pambansang tema ng Pilipinas lalo na sa mga bata, I should say. Very popular song. But not only popular, meaningful too.

Now, history repeats. Another Pope visits by the name of Pope Francis. I admit it, I know nothing about the Pope till an hour (or two?) earlier. Reading stories about him, I can’t help but be awed. The more I’ve read, the more it’s daunting me that – yes, God is here. There. He is around. And He made it evident in the acts of people on Earth. Thru people. Thru His instruments. And Pope Francis is one of the special instruments of God.

It is amazing to know that I can (if I choose to) see God in the faces of people around. Reading about Pope Francis, I can’t help but realize I am seeing God through him (Thank you Lord). How he stays humble. How he smiles. Everything. When he smiles, it pacifies me. (Even if it’s only in pictures)

I thank God for giving us Pope Francis. Amidst the chaos, the attacks I’ve read in the news lately, it’s refreshing and just-feeling-peaceful to know that people like him still exist. Good people are still around. They exist. We should not be drawn into the belief that the world is chaotic – that there’s no hope – just because of the current happenings (Paris, Nigeria – check the news). These news compel me, at first, to ask, “What’s happening with us? With the world? What has gotten into people?” It is¬†heartbreaking. BUT seeing the goodness in other people throws away my perceived brokenness of the world.

I agree with the Pope on his views about religion. To quote, he said that “…You can’t provoke, you can’t insult the faith of others, you can’t make fun of faith…”…”You can’t make a toy out of the religions of others..” So true (nodding, nodding). Of course, humans as we are (though I think this is not really an excuse), we are inclined to question the faith of others – if it is different from what we have been accustomed to. But, coupled with that curiosity, we have no right to mock their beliefs (or disbeliefs). We have no right to laugh at them – their acts of worship because, for them, those are holy – in the same way that we see ours as holy. How would we feel if others make fun of our signing of the Cross? (I am a Roman Catholic). I know this is a sensitive issue. Religion has always been the topic of unending debates amongst people – for some claim that theirs is above others. For me, no one is above. As long as we continue to love and help others, I don’t see any problems. I don’t think ‘love’ and ‘helping others’ is defined differently in religious sectors – for they are universal acts.

As the Pope said, we cannot provoke it. I agree we cannot impose it on others (If I got him right). We cannot force our religion on them. We just need to respect. And still do good. Good defined as plain and simple. No elaborations needed for the word itself says it all. I have no intentions to get preachy here but I just want to let my thoughts out that we need to respect other ‘people’s beliefs’. We may not be used to their ‘dancing-while-singing’ worship (and other forms of worship) but that ‘lack of understanding’ does not give us a ticket to laugh at them. Not at all – never.

(Back to loving others regardless of your religion) Of course, in life, it is not easy to continue ‘loving’ others. Especially if those ‘others’ have hurt you – hidden from the eyes of a bigger audience and only revealed to your own two eyes.[(Well, part of my story is I got betrayed and stabbed by people I¬†trust (or treated as friends). And it is not easy to put up a good front when you are with them. Because I treat relationships as true. And, well, if they get stained, my problem is they will never (or it would be very hard to let it) go back to the way it was before.)] But, true, time heals. Or maybe love heals. When people hurt us, we just have to flip the coin to see that there is a lesson intertwined with it. Maybe God is telling us, “I am here. Just here. Set your eyes on me.”…”Do not be sidetracked with the acts or opinions of others. Trust Me. You are hurt. They may also be hurt. Love, however. “..More and more lessons. More more more.

I am thankful for this day. Pope Francis, may your love for all be a continuous inspiration to us. Seeing your love makes me believe in God’s love more.


September 2014: Week 1

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“Do not be afraid. Everything is possible with God.” – says the Lord Jesus Christ.

I want you to feel the same boat¬†– swaying at peace – with me whilst watching the movie, “Son of God.” I admit it – I do not know the Bible too well – the Apostles, for one. I have heard some of their names but I never knew the importance of their roles in this world. They are borne to spread the Word of God to change the world.

I want to fulfill what God’s plan is for me. I think I can feel it – and I’m starting it.

Says Jesus Christ, “Do not be afraid.”

Not easy. True. But, I will do my very best. With the help of Jesus Christ. One by one. Day by day. I will.

Have a Blessed Sunday everyone.









“Do not be afraid. Everything is possible with God.”


Thank you Lord for the opportunity.





Hey 2013!

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2012? T’was a bumpy ride for me, till this very hour. But still, life must go on.

To myself, I promise that I’ll gonna make 2013 a fruitful and blessed one.

That I’ll not stop working hard to achieve my dreams and my family’s.

That I’ll listen to the opinion of One Above.

That I’ll never let myself be defined by negativities.

That I’ll push myself more – beyond my limits.

That there’s no use crying over toppled milk.

That there’s a reason for everything and so, I must not get discouraged by yesterday.

That God is always watching for me.

To protect me and my family.

To keep us safe always.

To guide us.

To walk with us when we need Him the most.

And so, I need not worry.

Yes, not worry but have faith instead.

That the best is to come this year and the next years.

I know it’ll not be easy but yes, I will do my very best next year.

Not because I can but because I will.

Not only for myself but for my family.

Thank you for all the aches 2012 and years before.

Thank you for all the lessons in life. For the mistakes. For the discoveries.

I am because of my past.

And if someone dares to ruin again my now and tomorrow, watch out.

I’m tamed.

But I’m also toughed (Webster, you gotta create this word).

Cheers to a new me, new life, and new year!